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Clear braces or Metal Braces?

Metal braces or clear braces are similar and work the same way, if you prefer to invest more for a less visible braces, then clear braces is the way to go.

Can I change my colors every appointment?

Sure!! You can pick as many colors as wanted every appointment

Aligners or braces?

Both alternatives work well, it will depend how fast or detailed you prefer your treatment to be

How do I take care of my braces?

Your oral hygiene needs to be good or even improve as well like your regular checkups with your dentist at least every six months

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name for specific aligners

How long will last  my treatment ?

Usually braces or aligners treatment might take 6-24 months depending the age of the patient

Are braces expensive?

No, braces or orthodontic treatment can be made afforable with financing during a long period of time.

Do you offer payment plans or inhouse financing?

Yes, we offer many alternatives including Care Credit, Lending club and monthly payments

Is it safe to make appointments during Covid 19?

We are preparing the office following the updated regulations from ADA, AAO,CDA,CDC organizations

I have gag reflex do I need molds or impressions?

No Problem! We have a digital scanner to take 3D images, it is simple and no more gagging like in the old times

Can I get braces on my first visit?

Yes, we just need to touch bases regarding your oral hygiene and schedule an special appointment for your needs.

How soon I can schedule an appointment?

As soon as possible, we can provide many alternatives with our flexible schedule.